Cost to insure 2000 bmw 318?

"Hii am 23 work with a car and van rental company therefore get an average of 15 automobiles or vehicles each day from little hatchbacks to 90k range rovers sports BMW's mercs etc yet somehow i still cant get insurance for less than 1200 to get an aged 1997 1.0 t fiat punto will there be any Specialist insurance carrier's for folks that drive professionally for a dwelling?
Simply how much I have to spend every one of the insurance s and the street tax to get a motorbike.?
What's the day today of a Commercial Insurance Agent?
"I got myself a Bugati Veyron that was pleasant"I do want to obtain a vehicle that is minute and enable my 17-year old push it. I'm looking for a car insurance company that will let me have every thing in my name and also have her whilst the key driver of my car that is next. The situation I am having is she is going down the street. I am unable to look for an auto insurance corporation that'll allow me to have what is named a storage adress that is different to the car I'm attempting to enable her use. That I have tryed all most and I am inside the condition most of the vehicle online and insurance s companys around here. I've also tryed to have points devote her name-but it'd cost her around 300$ dollars per month to insurance it. Which is merely the basic insurance. Why i want to just keep everything in my own name Any thoughtis might help"Where is an excellent spot to get inexpensive auto-insurance? Im a 22 b/e that lives in Florida. I would like full coverage (liabilityCan I Obtain Title Insurance?
I have seen a wide variety of points. But I named my career today and that I found out that they are supplying insurance -but it is to substantial to purchase for me personally as it might cost $30 each week. more
"its to get a health task of courseHowmuch may my dads insurance rise?
"My buddy is an international scholar and he or she needs to get health insurance. Would you tell me what is the cheapest insurance? When buying insurance AS-ISHow can you learn a property selleris insurance company?
"I'll get my license

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